Silkeborg’s new landmark has balconies with glass guards, with a warranty that covers delamination and discolouration

Text by Tim Panduro

When the new residents move into the 79 flats in Silkeborg’s new 70-metre tall landmark, Papirtårnet (The Paper Tower), at the turn of the year, they can take joy in setting themselves up in a building from Aarstiderne Architects, where nothing has been left to chance.

An important feature of the scenic provincial town’s tallest building is its balconies, which not only deliver great views, but are also an element of the building’s overall appearance.

Two classic problems with glass for balconies are delamination and discolouration. The most commonly used types of lamination film absorb moisture and can become discoloured within a few years. Balcony supplier CSK, one of Denmark’s leading balcony manufacturers, have made sure that they keep this in mind. The company has therefore opted for tempered, laminated glass from DSG Industri. DSG Industri cuts, tempers and laminates the glass for individual projects in Denmark.

– We use EVA film for our lamination. “EVA film has the great advantage that it does not absorb moisture, which is why the common problems with delamination and discolouration do not occur”, says Laurids Paulsen, Managing Director at DSG Industri.

– “EVA is so moisture resistant that we even started to use it to produce tempered and laminated glass for shower cubicles”, he said.


He believes the reason that a relatively limited number of companies have switched to using EVA lamination film is that it requires a change in production, while the film is also a bit more labour-intensive to use.

– “However, we can stay competitive because in our transition to EVA, we automated a number of processes to ensure that we can maintain a high production volume”, the director says, before he emphasises that EVA film is a proven product.

– “Of course, we made sure that our products were thoroughly tested by the Danish Technological Institute”, he says of the tempered laminated glass, which complies with all building regulations and is CE-marked. In addition, consulting engineering firm Glassfakta conducted a comprehensive review of the product.

Laurids Paulsen is pleased that the company’s products are part of the showpiece in Central Jutland.

– “It’s great that we get to play a role in Silkeborg’s new skyline. And I must say, it was impressive to watch CSK’s people mount the balconies with the help of rappelling”, he says.