DSG Industri has supplied bronze parsol and clear tempered and laminated glass with matt, respectively clear EVA foil for balustrades

CASA has developed and is building a large commercial and residential area on a centrally located plot in Horsens for among other AP Pension. Buchwalds Bro – part of the project – includes apartments and nursing apartments of 18,000 m2.

In the western building, 70 rental apartments will be built. The total area of ​​this building is 6,400 m2.

In the middle building, 75 nursing apartments will be built divided into five groups with associated common areas for living.

A production kitchen, staff room, spa/hairdresser, activity hall and other common and service areas will also be established. The total area of ​​the nursing home is 7,600 m2 built in six floors.
The eastern building is a skyscraper of 14 floors with 38 condos and a total area of ​​4,000 m2. On the ground floor, commercial leases are established.

The construction is Nordic Eco labelled.

Project: Buchwalds Bro, Horsens
Architect: Arkitema Architects
Main contractor: CASA A/S
Production, delivery and installation: Børkop Industriservice A/S
Glass supplier: DSG Industri A/S

Photo: Børkop Industriservice A/S