Aesthetic and functional glass solutions in Al Innovation House

DSG Industri A/S has delivered 1010.2 (20.76mm) clear tempered laminated glass with clear EVA foil to Al Innovation House in Dandy Business Park in Vejle.

Børkop Industriservice A/S has been responsible for the design, calculation, drawing, manufacture in its own workshop, delivery and installation of stairs, steel and glass solutions.

AI Innovation House is an international digital lighthouse of 5,200 m2 with space for approx. 200 knowledge staff and unique exhibition, test and demonstration facilities. More than 5,000 visitors are expected each year for conferences, workshops, lectures, innovation projects, international delegations, etc.

DSG Industri A/S can offer a 7-year guarantee against delamination on tempered laminated glass with EVA foil.

Project: Al Innovation House
Architect: ERIK Arkitekter A/S
Main contractor: CASA A/S
Production, delivery and assembly of stairs, steel and glass solutions: Børkop Industriservice A/S
Glass supplier: DSG Industri A/S

Photo: Børkop Industriservice A/S