DSG supplies glass railings for balconies in Køge

Glass railings for balconies brings the residents even closer to the beach, nature and Køge’s cozy city center.

Køge’s central harbor and rail station area is in the process of being transformed into an attractive and vibrant area with lots of housing – close to the beach, beach meadow, green areas and the historic market town.

The balconies with glass railing give the buildings a minimalistic and elegant look and open the view to near and far.

DSG Industri A/S can offer a 7-year guarantee against delamination on tempered laminated glass with EVA foil.

Project: Køge Kyst SH 3.2
Architect: Danielsen Architecture
Production, delivery and assenbly of balconies: Kecon A / S
Glass for balconies: DSG Industri A/S

Photo: Kecon A/S