Spectacular assembly on 19-storey unique high-rise building

Thors Tower is a high-rise building at Thors Bakke in Randers, Denmark. The high-rise building is built in white concrete elements and will accommodate different types of housing: public family, elderly and youth housing as well as private housing. The area around Thors Bakke includes Thors Tower and Thors Karré with 191 homes.

DSG Industri A/S has produced 88.2 hardened laminated clear float with clear EVA foil for the balconies, produced and delivered by Hi-Con A/S with parapets in four variants in Hi-Con’s light ultra-high performance concrete.

For this project, untraditional methods are used when it comes to mounting. In collaboration with Sky-Work A/S a Rope Access method is used for the mounting of the balconies. The first stage of eight balconies has been installed. For this incredible installation, Sky-Work A/S hangs in ropes. Together with the crane operator, who works in “blind”, communication is essential. The crane operator communicates with one of the fitters to make the complete mounting.

Project: Thors Tårn
Architect: Arkitema Architects
Engineer: AFRY
Builder: KPC Herning A/S
Builder’s advisor: Kuben Management A/S

Photo: Hi-Con A/S